And so much more

Adding a security door or window guards not only helps secure your home, it also gives you a chance to improve its overall function and value. Whether it’s cutting your utility bill, getting better control of pesky insects, or adding some decorative flair to your home, our security products are designed to do more.

Energy Savings

Through secure ventilation

Nothing lowers a utility bill more effectively than your thermostat’s off button. Opening your doors and windows for cross-ventilation without compromising home security lets you make favorable seasons really pay off.

Insect Control

Seal the deal

You want the view, you want the breeze, and that’s it… we get it. All of our security and screen doors put some focus on controlling those pesky visitors who never knock. In fact, we even make a patent pending door seal kit that works with just about any security door, whether we made it or not.

Weather Protection

A glass act

In areas that fully experience the change of seasons, protecting your entry door and providing another barrier to the weather is an important consideration. We provide a full line of products that include glass to meet this need. From clip in panels to our patent pending, self-storing system, it’s clear we’ve got you covered.

Child Safety

Simply effective

It’s a long way down from just about any window when you are less than 3 feet tall. Whether you live in a single story ranch or a high rise condominium, it pays to make fall prevention a part of your child safety plan.

Curb Appeal

From all angles

The doors and windows of every home are a key architectural detail and a functional focal point. From materials, designs, and colors to quality of construction and flawless function, we focus on delivering products that make the most of their important place in your home.