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Ultimate Security

Passes extremely stringent Australian standards, delivering cut, impact, and jimmy resistance unlike anything currently available in the United States.

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Full View

Does away with the need for bars or panels, maximizing natural light and air flow without sacrificing curb appeal.

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Pet Protection

Provides a durable barrier that keeps pets safe while resisting paws and claws.

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Fire Resistance

Protects your entryway, resisting flying sparks and embers.

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Insect Control

Keeps bugs and critters out as well or better than the insect screens most of us already have on our windows today.

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Maximizes air flow without compromising security or safety, allowing you to make the most of temperate seasons.

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UV Blockage

Blocks 60% of damaging ultra violet rays while letting the beautiful view straight on through.

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Energy Savings

Delivers significant energy savings – year in and year out - through seasonal ventilation, increased air flow and UV control.

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Looks Like a Screen

Works Like a Force Field

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